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May 15, 2012
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Loki caught the limp body by the shoulders. His eyes were wide as he stared at his little German girl. What just happened? His eyes must have been deceiving him.

"Can you hear me? Please wake up, please, little one," he begged her quietly.

She didn't respond, and he couldn't feel a pulse. No, no… This couldn't be happening. He didn't mean to kill her; that was the last thing he ever wanted to happen to her! Loki dropped to his knees and cried out in agony as he clutched her to his chest.

Tony and Steve looked at each other, unsure of what to think of this situation. Was it a trick? Should they grab him now or leave him be for a moment?

Loki ignored them as he clung to the girl. He never even learned her name, and now he never would… His poor little German girl! What had he done? The color faded from her cheeks and his heart sank. Loki wished he had never met her. Maybe that way she would still be alive and smiling the way he'd grown fond of.

You see, the two had met completely on accident. It began to rain one late night in Germany. Loki had just finished speaking with the leader of what would soon be his army and his head felt foggy. Besides, the hide out was cramped and the rain was enticing. Despite any better judgment he had, he remembered sneaking away into the dark.

Loki soon found himself walking along a sidewalk in a small park. There, he noticed a figure sitting on a bench. As he stepped closer, the features became clearer. It was a girl. She was small and hid under a clear umbrella; by the way she was looking at the sky, he could guess she bought it so that she could watch the rain fall. The girl had long blonde hair that floated down to her sides and was partially tied back by a white ribbon. Her cheeks were pink with cold and her eyes were a bright green that reflected the light of the street lamps.

He wanted to walk past her without her noticing him, or at least ignoring him, but when he stepped closer, her head whipped around. Loki stood still, unsure of what to do.

"Good evening," he said after a moment. He was hoping to break the awkward stares that
were passing between the two of them.

"Hello," she responded in a thick German accent. "Are you lost, sir?"

"Just out for a walk."

"You'll catch a cold like that."

Loki nearly scoffed. A cold? Why would he ever be worried about a cold? He shook his head. What a naïve, stupid little human. Soon they would all know what he was capable of.
"Would you like to join me?" she said after a moment.

Loki turned to her with an odd look. Her cheeks had become pinker, as though she were blushing. He rolled his eyes at the thought, but what harm could it cause?  Her body became stiffer as he sat down next to her. She moved the umbrella so that it covered the both of them.

The little blonde tried to make conversation with him, but he didn't have anything to say. He started to feel bad for her as he watched her become more flustered. Slowly, though, he started to listen to her accent. It was sort of cute. Her English was good, though some words caused her a bit of trouble. Loki could tell she didn't get to practice English much, but she studied it well.

He snapped back into reality when she suddenly shoved the umbrella handle in his face.

"My home isn't far, please take this or you'll get sick."

"No, I really don't need it."

"You can return it to me. Tomorrow, at the same time?" she asked as she tried to hide a coy little smile before running off in the other direction.

Loki smirked as he watched her blonde hair bob behind her as she ran. That was actually a clever little trick. Maybe he would visit her again, but he would only do it to return her umbrella. What harm would it do? There were still three days until the banquet, after all.

The next evening, Loki sat on the same bench as the previous night. He clutched the little umbrella tightly in his hands. Where could she be?

After what seemed like an eternity, Loki stood up to leave. What a little brat! How dare she make him wait so long while he had more important business to attend to? Just as he became angry enough to storm away, he could hear the pounding of feet. He turned toward the blonde with an aggravated look.

"Oh, forgive me, I fell asleep, sir," she said as she was panting.

Loki shook his head and shoved the umbrella towards her. She took the umbrella back with care. There was a soft smile on her face.

"Would you like to walk with me?" she asked as he was about to turn back. She held out her hand and showed him a genuine smile. It seemed like it had been so long since someone had showed him a smile like that.

She held out her hand toward him, and he took it.

They met for the next few days. Often the nights would be exactly the same as the last. She would talk and desperately try to get him to respond, but with her, he seemed to fall into the position of a listener. She was a waitress at a small café and was paying her way through college. She lived on her own, but her parents paid for her apartment; she claimed her mother couldn't stand her rebellious nature anymore.

"I suppose if I were more like my little sister, it would be easier. I just don't know how to be so well behaved like she knows. But I can't help it; I grew up playing with two older brothers… My mom and dad are paying for the apartment so that I'll be out of their house. It seems mean, but I owe them a lot for still doing that for me."

Loki rested a hand on the top of her head then pulled her to his chest. He knew the pangs of jealousy well, and although she wouldn't admit it, she was jealous of her younger sister. She wrapped her arms around him and he looked down at her. Her face was buried into his chest. They seemed to sit there forever. After an eternity, she fell asleep and he carried her home.


The day of the banquet came, and he almost regretted the fact that he couldn't see his little German girl. He wouldn't ever be able to see her after this, and he wished he could have the chance to say goodbye. Nonetheless, he had more important thing to attend to.

Later that evening, Loki descended the stairs as a smirk played across his lips. Things were almost ready and so far everything was going smoothly. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, a familiar figure caught him off guard.

There was a girl standing with her back to him, but he knew who it was. Her hair had been styled; it floated down her sides and formed large curls at the tips. She was talking to a woman. He watched her shoulders shake with laughter and could feel a smile creep to the corners of his mouth.

The woman facing him noticed him staring at the slender blonde. She smiled one of the most girly looking smiles he'd ever seen as she whispered something to his little German girl. Her body stiffened and her ears turned red. She turned to face him and his heart seemed to stop for a moment.

He realized he'd never seen her other than in the dark. Her cheeks were rosy and her green eyes shone brightly in this light. Her skin was clear and pale; her shoulders were bare due to the strapless, knee length dress she was wearing. It was red and black and fanned out from the waist down, making her look like a fairy. She wore a black choker with a red rose pinned to it to add to the effect.

The two stared at each other for who knows how long before he snapped back into reality. He had to get her out of here.  He longed for nothing more than to dance with her, just for a moment, but he couldn't.

Loki rushed down the stairs and she smiled brightly at him. He gripped her bare shoulders so she knew he could not be taken lightly.

"You have to leave this place. You'll only get hurt if you don't."


"Don't ask any questions!" he told her as he spun her in the direction of the exit. "Get as far from here as possible! Quickly, now, and don't look back!"

She stood there for a moment in hesitation. Loki clenched his fists so hard he thought he was going to make his hands bleed. After a moment, she rushed to the exit, her hair bobbing the way it did the first night they had met. He felt the pain of never seeing her again fill his chest.

Moments later, chaos filled the building as Loki followed through with the plan. Though in the back of his head, he hoped the little blonde was safe. He gained his focus back and cornered the humans and forced them all down to their knees.

"Now, see? Isn't this so much better? So much easier? You were meant to be ruled," he said as he looked over them, a smirk plastered on his face.

The famous smirk faded as soon as a man stood up.

"Not by men like you."

"There are no men like me."

"There are always men like you."

Loki's anger flared. He would pay for this.

"Let your elder be your example, ladies and gentlemen!" he shouted as he raised his staff. He didn't hear the clicking of high heels, but would soon wish he had.

Pain filled Loki's body as he watched the slender figure block the old man with her body. He teleported to her and caught her by the shoulders. A hole had been burned into the back of her dress, and her skin was burned. Carefully, he turned her over to see her face. Her eyes were half closed and lifeless. He watched in horror as blood slowly dripped down her lips and chin. She was gone, wasn't she?

There was no life in her body. When nothing he did worked, he dropped to his knees. He ran his fingers through her soft blonde hair and held her close. He kissed her forehead and gently laid her head on the ground. Carefully, he plucked the rose off of her necklace before being dragged away by Captain Steve Rogers. For a brief moment, he had no will to fight.
Loki one shot... I'm thinking of turning this into a story with a couple of chapters... So that the audience can fall in love with her, so that way it will be that much sadder when she dies ahaha I hope I get a few readers on this; some fellow Loki lovers! haha =)

PS if you have any suggestions on how to make it better, let me know!

EDIT: Yeah, I'm turning this to to about an eight chapter story, so be on the lookout! =)

EDIT2: Hey! I'm glad this is still getting some attention. I appreciate it! HOWEVER, there is an updated version that I would like you guys to read =) Check it out! [link]
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Thank you so, so much! That means a lot to me =) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
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